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February 19, 2017

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Adrian Huerta
July 10, 2009

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raising the cost of tuition during a recession? hhmmm...sounds like the middle class has to accept more debt to move

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I earned a masters degree from Ohio State and my bachelors from UNLV. I would love to return and establish myself in Nevada, but the economic conditions have eliminated university positions and the conversations about reducing benefits further encourage me to stay put in California. I am lucky to be employed for a private research university with amazing benefits. But, the thought of returning to Vegas would be GREAT! Come on Nevada, invest some more money into education and the returns will be countless. We need more smart educated people in Nevada, maybe the quality of life would increase.

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@wolfpack, what constitutes core programs?

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@ Patrick, if you have kids, are they going to enroll at either UNR or UNLV?

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a man kills himself and his wife, and we convert this dialogue into political babble?

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