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May 21, 2011

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Leadership plays an integral role within city government and unfortunately NLV doesn't have any. There is nobody holding NLV mayor and council accountable for the poor decisions (To the tune of almost one billion dollars) they have made over the past few years. I have not seen a more blatant example of incompetence then what NLV has displayed. From mismanagement of funds, robbing Peter to pay Paul (Shuffling money around from fund to fund), golden parachutes for the previous city managers to NLV footing the bill for building a multimillion dollar state of the art gymnasium on Nellis AFB (In order to secure a backdoor deal for the failed water treatment contract on Nellis), to the now defunct 400 million water treatment facility to the must have multimillion dollar monstrosity called city hall. Not to mention the handful of million dollar projects like the walkways along the smelly washes to the multimillion dollar Craig Ranch park (Which NLV is considering charging entrance fees). When Steven Brooks was representing NLV (Voted in twice!) and Mayor Buck (Ethics violator) & associates running NLV, what do you expect to happen!?! The only way to see change is to make change! Vote them out!

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It's really amusing to see the Sun has scraped the bottom of the barrel with this and will let anyone write now days. Of course if their job is to spin the stories to create controversy then job well done! The really funny part is that neither Bob nor anybody else commenting was at the scene of the incident or participated in any portion of the process. Therefore, allowing them the luxury of being that person, the ever so lovely ill-informed armchair quarterback. Can you blame them though? Probably not because ignorance is bliss! With that being said, keep up the good work and the comments coming because it makes for great entertainment. Happy New Years everyone!

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Nothing will ever make the armchair quarterback happy. Even though they had the same opportunity to apply as a cop as everyone else. Instead, I'll get my knowledge and experience from the media, CSI, NCIS and really make informed decisions. So this one goes out to you, "Mr. I hate the police and they're all corrupt blah, blah, blah man." We salute you!

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Roslenda, here is some logic. NLV is in the black (Meaning positive), despite what they have led everyone else to think. It's called the shell game. Move money around, and rob Peter to pay Paul. They do that only after submitting a budget to the state. To the common folk, deflation sends up red flags to slow or stop spending. You don't buy an Escalade when there is no revenue coming in. Don't need a degree for that. Labor unions were created to ensure all working people are justly treated by their employer. When contracts are agreed upon they need to be honored, and if not it's a breach. It doesn't matter who it's between, it's a contract. It's funny to see babble based off information only seen or heard in the media. NLV's problem is their mentality, "If you don't like it, sue us." That was the case a majority of times where NLV has lost. NLV cannot comprehend what binding arbitration or Supreme Court rulings against them mean. Because of that, they have wasted even more money and valuable resources to flounder around versus doing the right thing from the beginning. That and the so called city leadership is what have driven NLV into the ground. Once again naysayers, we salute you!

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It's the big bad union juggernaut's fault, and definitely not the so called city leaders' who drove NLV into the ground and "financial ruins." To all the naysayers, do some investigation and discover how much money the city is now in the black, which is a far cry from the financial emergency Hacker led all the lambs to believe. Then when someone stands up to the tyranny of NLV dishonesty, all the naysayers cries foul because of what they see or read in the media. The same naysayers are the ones who fuss just to fuss. So this one goes out to you, Mr. I yap and fuss to hear myself yap and fuss and have no idea about what's going on. We salute you!

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