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Nov. 30, 2009

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It's amazing, I didn't know we had so many perfect people living in Vegas. Not one of them ever made a mistake in their life! If you think you know where your kids are and what they are doing at all times... YOU are an idiot! I hate to tell you but you don't! You assume because he had a Dodge truck that he is spoiled, not one of you have had a job at 18? Could it be possible that he worked and bought his own truck? And everyone is making it out to be a monster truck, well if they stopped selling those little nuisance cars and everyone drove something well built that could survive a crash there would be less fatalities, I'm not blaming the victim, I'm showing you how stupid that other person's comment was. Also, since you have all seemed to forget what it was like when you were 18, teenagers are creative, they will find a way to purchase or at the very least get their hands on alcohol with or with out an adults help! He was driving, he made the bad choices and he now has to spend the rest of his life knowing he killed a young woman. I'm not saying they should take it easy on him by any means, don't do the crime if you cant do the time!But to all of you perfect people that want to outlaw full size trucks and you are probably the same people crying about Obama giving government too much control over our lives when it comes to health care or helping people hurt by the current economy, you are all controlling idiots that just want everyone else to conform to their idea's and belief's but still want to live in a free country, IDIOTS! I think there should be a law against little cars! I think there should be a law against free speech because you idiots have gotten away from the fact that several lives changed that night, my heart goes out to everyone effected by this one person's bad judgment, his family and his victim and her family. I agree with "Seriously", "Another sh*tbag driver kills another innocent person in the city. Inconsiderate, irresponsible, ignorant people destroying lives and families once again..." It appears everyone in Vegas feels they deserve more than anyone else and drunk or sober, Vegas has the worst drivers, they have no regard for anyone else on the road, truck, motorcycle or Prius! Instead of sitting here passing judgment, go to jury duty when called and vote! Actually get off your high horse and do something productive!

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