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Nov. 1, 2008

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People with money to spend in Vegas will get less and less! I came to Vegas 8 times within this past year. Nevada Helped to vote in Obama, so my investment and incomes will be less this year coming. I will cut my visits in 1/2 if not more. I will also be spending less at spas, clothing, meals, tips, limos ect...... Sorry but Obama will take more of my money

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Think twice about Obama. You may not like the "rich" but they keep you and Nevada empoyed. Obama said "spread the wealth" He said tax people at 250,000.00 and above. He than said in his infomercial 200,000.00. Joe Biden said in an interview 150,00.00 and now in opening for Obama Gov of New mexico said 120,000.00. The people he is speaking of keep YOU employed. They spend money in the hotels, gambling,eating,shopping,spas, ect..ect..ect...They start paying more, they spend less (SIMPLE MATH ) Vote For McCain Nevada

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I think all people in Nevada should think long and hard about who keeps you employed. If Obama taxes those at 250,000.00 and more which by the way he said in his infomercial 200,000.00 than Joe Biden dropped to 150,000.00 and the gov of New mexico opening for Obama said 120,000.00.(they can't even lie consistantly) If Obama raises taxes (spread the wealth) this will directly effect your employment. People who have to pay more taxes will travel less, spend less on clothes, hair, eating out, gambling ect... Please don't vote for a man that is not going to help build our small business, he'll make goverment bigger and socialize our health care. John McCain is not George Bush, Obama is a smoothe talker and thats it. Please be WELL informed before you vote.

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One thing people in Las Vegas should think about before voting: Who keeps you employed??? If Obama gets his way and raises taxes for higher income people those people will not spend as much in Las Vegas...............simple math. By the way Obama said taxes will go up for those at 250,000.00 and up, his infomercial said 200,000.00, Joe Biden said 150,000.00 and the governor of mexico in an opening for Obama said 120,000,00. scary to say the least. The bottom line is those who make more money spend more in our restuarants, shops, shops, cleaners, decorating,and casinos Think hard Nevada!

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