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July 13, 2010

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He ALSO threatened a store manager directly, pointing a finger at his head, mimicking a gun. I think that in and of itself warranted calling the cops. This guy's family is spouting nonsense to everyone who will listen about what a great guy their son was. Can you say DENIAL? I also agree that they will probably file a civil suit -- they gotta pay Ro$$ Goodman somehow, right? They do NOT have a leg to stand on, though. The cops did their job perfectly and saved the day. No telling what that crackhead would have done if given the chance...It would be nice if they used their media time to apologize for Erik's actions and set up a fund to help recovering drug addicts. Now THAT'S the story I want to read.

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@Chunky -- Angel2k thinks you are the smartest person in the room! Scott besically got what he did due to his actions, pure and simple. Don't try and steal stuff from Costco and they won't call the police...don't act like a jerk to a manager when they ask you to leave...don't disobey orders when there are several cops around you with guns because right or wrong, you are GOING TO LOSE...

Oh, and would the media PLEASE stop printing that angelic picture of Scott everytime they post an article? Obviously, that picture is as fake as the image his family is trying to portray...

More to come on this, I am sure.

I also agree STRONGLY with Lawrence Weekly, Councilman (and I am not normally someone who cries racism) - WHY did they not start televising these things until some pretty WHITE boy got killed? Not smart at all...

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Not a cop, just a realist. You train the cops to do their jobs -- they do them correctly and everyone is miffed. NOW it comes out that on a 911 call RECORDED (to dispute your consipiracy-theorists out here...)that he WAS told to "get down". Multiple people NOW coming forward to corroborate police and Costco reactions. The truth will set you free, NOT your handguns! gentleman in question was also observed 'acting strangely" at another grocery store in town...go figure.

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OK it is plain and simple:

1) Mr. Scott being a "good man" or a "West Point grad" was and is irrelevant in any way except in his obituary. To the police, who were just DOING THEIR JOBS, he was a criminal until proven otherwise. Leading to

2) Mr. Scott was given commands MULTIPLE TIMES to "Get Down", and instead chose to go for "something" at his waist -- which the officers responding KNEW he was armed. That being said -- and the fact that Mr. Scott was NOT complying with Costco's posted No Firearms policy, which he was told -- should have been a heads up to the "smart, college Army-serving grad" that they were after HIM. He should have become like an obedient little child at that point.

3) The COSTCO shoppers that day deserved to shop safely and were protected by the police and employees of the warehouse. Mr. Scott instead chose to destroy/conceal merchandise, threaten management, use profanity, and blatantly disregard posted rules of the store. Not to mention he was carrying ANOTHER handgun. Do you REALLY need to be that armed when shopping at Costco? Sams Club, maybe...

4) Note that the "family" has retained an attorney before Mr. Scott's body was even cold. Shows you what they REALLY care about, and it is NOT Mr. Scott. Expect them to try and sue COSTCO somehow as well -- even though they were just FOLLOWING THE LAW and protecting their employees and members.

Kudos to the Summerlin COSTCO employees, especially the manager who assessed the situation and made the call. Also to the LVMPD officers who made a possibly bad situation into a controlled one. This is a lesson to all parents and people who know firearm lovers: You DO have a right to carry, but you DO NOT have a right to endanger others with your arrogance and indifference to the law.

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