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Feb. 8, 2010

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first off, Your more then Welcome to call me the new state rat. i do appreciate the stereotype.
As for knowing who i am why does it matter this isn't about me this is about what your brother has done. the crimes that he has committed. Roberta Romero will identify and has identified Greg Hover as the man that SHOT HER IN THE FACE. And what do 4 people know that only i seem to know. i also know that when you and Greg were in your twenty's Greg got angry and pushed you out of a moving vehicle a truck i do believe. I know more then you can imagine. I DO KNOW THAT YOUR BROTHER has bragged about what the two of you have done. and HE BRAGGED ABOUT THIS CRIME AS WELL. he got careless, Greedy, and caught! Question for the changed man that has found god. How does it make you a rat to do the right thing. How is Richard Freeman a rat IF he did as you would call it "rat"? How is that being a rat? Your brother is a sick monster he KILLED JULIO and SHOT ROBERTA IN THE FACE. In my mind that isn't being a "rat" that Would be saving other persons lives. Richard Freeman is responsible for his actions yes. But it has been told that your brother Gregory Lee Hover Pulled the trigger.

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I can not believe how NAIVE you are silverravenwolf. This is not the first time that one of your sons has gone to jail. Your other son(bigbrotherspain)has also been to jail/prison so why are you surprised? Clearly the Hover's have some serious mental defaults. Greg is in jail for MURDER not just ROBBERY. FREEMAN should be held accountable BUT DO NOT TRY TO SHIFT THE BLAME OF JULIO ROMERO'S MURDER. that was your son that pulled the trigger MULTIPLE TIMES IT CLEARLY WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. IT WAS YOUR SON WHO OPENED THE DOOR AND SHOT ROBERTA IN THE FACE THAT'S STRAIGHT FROM ROBERTA'S MOUTH. Look up Prisma Contreras. Now ask yourself doesn't my son drive the very same vehicle make and model??? Bigbrotherspain have you or have you not participated in casino consumer robbery's just like this one? I'm pretty sure you have also robbed vehicles in your time, stole them from the lots themselves. I know your son better then most and he did this without a doubt. He got greedy with everything and went to far. He lost control. Admit it to yourselves. You know it's true .

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I was once a friend of both. Greg has always been an evil man, regardless of what his mother may think or say. I personally have been haunted by my contact with him. I know that the crimes he is being charged with now are just the ones he has been caught for. His family must be horribly upset and feeling very haunted as well. I believe that Greg should pay with nothing less then his life. Richard is an easily persuaded person, definitely a follower. However, that does not excuse his actions he should be charged for the crimes he did commit, though they may not relate to this case. There is more going on here then just what the news would have you believe, Richard claims to have been held captive by Greg, but I personally know he had chances to tell the police and detectives about what was going on regardless if he felt the need to or not, clearly they are both sick people in their own rights and both should be held accountable for their actions.

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