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Feb. 16, 2008

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Amazingly the editor of this paper owns (what I know of) 2 large homes, one in SoCal and one here. He powers these sickening large homes from nuclear power plants Palo Verde, San Onofre and Diablo Canyon. He burns jet fuel during his weekly flights (on his private jet) to and from LA to LV. Yet this poor excuse for a paper continually slams this project and the high technology jobs Nevada needs.

I get the feeling harry like this sap editor want to keep Nevada's populace under educated and a populace without much opportunity other then a casino job. Surely that will make harry's casino friends happy and provide an endless supply of casino workers. Simple economics-more people then jobs available-low wages-more profit.

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Sordid-now that is funny, the only thing you missed is having a NY hat on shelley. Being the new yorker she is-does anyway really think she cares about Nevada? Its all eye wash by her and reid to mask their incompetance.

(Suggest removal) 12/19/08 at 1:02 p.m.

What a joke. We have the crook loux filing contentions (stole wages from NV). We have the crook reid opposing high tech jobs and a more diverse economy for NV (land deals at the expense of Nevadans). Ask dingy harry what he paid for the acreage near Laughlin. Was it 5% of market value harry?

We have the editor of this paper that has never worried about paying a bill in his life against something that would benefit NV, a californian who flies in on his private jet weekly to Las Vegas.

You would think if this rag of a newspaper was anything but a piece of propaganda they would depict actual graphics of the repository rather then a cartoon with 55 gal drums.

Is it these crooks of NV want to keep the populace down so all the service jobs in the casinos can be filled?

I see these 200 NV contentions being based on all the supposed studies loux and his group achieved during his tenure. Ask loux what actual science is behind his propaganda, he will continue to spout his BS. I foresee the NRC accepting less then half of these contentions.

PS titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth!!!!

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LKM, I beg your pardon-something only known by news report!!! does this make bombing public buildings right? The only intent of these articles by the sun is to soften one of the many actions by obama that makes him unfit for the presidency

Sad comment by a very naive person clearly supporting the liberal crap the media has been shoving down our throats for many years.

As for your professor, he is preaching his agenda too. Propaganda is propaganda, nothing more. Evidently you cannot discern what is and what is not. Sad commentary on the sheep like behavior of American citizens, history has taught us the consequences of a populace towing the line and following blindly. Think about that!!

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Two articles on the front page of this worthless paper defending a terrorist, does this surprise anyone. This paper has no shame with its socialist propaganda. Greenspun needs to leave his political shortsightedness in California, where he lives and preaches from.

I doubt greenspun's father would have ran these articles. Of course that does not matter, greenspun inherited it all and unfortunately is the fat ass son of a distinguished man who does not know his ass from a hole in the ground.

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