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February 24, 2017

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Feb. 7, 2013

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Can wildlife truly be "managed" or is Mankind simply trying to play God with nature? It is far kinder to allow wild animals to live their lives without Mankind's 'concern' for their well-being. Can Man control the ocean's direction and impact? Of course not, so why does Mankind arrogantly believe it can control the wildlife species? The result has only been to mess up the natural balance of nature.

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Regrettably, man-made law regards all animals as property, even wild ones.

Wild animals have a tough time surviving in our state given its extreme weather. The situation is actually made worse when man tries to control predators through eradication; the target species survive and thrive in spite of man. Is it so far-fetched to let nature's highly-sophisticated food chain balance out the various species based on forage, water and weather, rather than foolishly thinking man knows better?

How about trying some non-lethal methods of handling predators of livestock and farm lands for those who claim threats to their property?

For people who have had any type of training growing up, most religions and belief systems strive to respect ALL forms of life, not just the human variety. To sanction widespread killing of wild animals for sport, not survival, doesn't say anything positive about the evolution of humans. Let's see the killers of wildlife build, repair or nuture something, i.e. do something constructive, rather than commit premeditated murder to while away their weekends.

Remember, we have invaded wildlife's habitats, not the other way around. Let's try to co-exist with wildlife and 'let it be' rather than torture, mutilate and eradicate it.

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