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February 19, 2017

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June 14, 2010

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This broad is an idiot. She make Rand Paul look liberal. All I can say if NV elects this moron (not Mormon) You get what you deserve. Change just for the helluva change is ridiculous. I can't stand Harry but he brings tons of money to NV along with jobs. Unemployment would probably be 25% if he wasn't your Senator. Be practical and not emotional like the idiotic tea party or should I say tea baggers!!! These are serious issues up for grabs, it's not time for a science experiment. Send Harry back to DC and NV will be better off for it. Send an idiot with Zero seniority to DC and NV will be behind Arkansas in every financial category that will be proposed in the senate. This woman is an absolute idiot, a 12 year old has more common sense...real life is not just a bunch of right wing punch is real and poor decisions (like allowing this putz Ensign on the loose) with have dire consequences for NV. So hold your noses and VOTE for Harry.

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