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February 25, 2017

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Sept. 15, 2010

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No one has addressed the issue. The majority of the owners who are upside down are not Fannie May or Freddie MAC. Someone needs to come up with a plan that will allow owners who are current and have no equity to refi. A lot of talk but no action, just lip service. Both parties are fault and if there is no action, I plan on not voting for anyone who holds office today even if they are running against Mickey Mouse. Both parties need to work together to resolve this issue and other issues which effect our country.

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If the Democrates and the Republicans can not start working together to take care of the peoples business, then I would say we need to replace all of them. It is real simple, have everyone pay a certain percentage over a set amount which is not taxable with no deductions. Example: everyone who makes over 25K pays 15% to 20%, no deductions. If you make less then 25K you pay nothing.

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We need the jobs, and the county can use the money

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I was not included in the poll. If I was my answer would be no tax increase.

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Where is the jail time? We need to start treating these actions as a crime and they need to serve jail time and lose their licenses for ever. AND WE WONDER WHY HEALTH CARE IS SO EXSPENSIVE

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