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February 23, 2017

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Feb. 6, 2011

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I'm a GVHS alum, National Merit finalist, got two degrees from MIT, and am wrapping up a PhD at Northwestern. So you can call me one of those ivory tower snobs, but I have Vegas roots going back to 1989. Nevertheless, you can bet it will be a cold day in hell before I move back. Why? For one, despite the awful weather, I have seen what opportunities Boston, New York, and Chicago offer. The best and the brightest want to be around others who are also the best and the brightest even if that means enduring 80" of snow and freezing temperatures for five months of the year.

How do you attract the best and the brightest? Well, nominating certifiable nut jobs like Angle for national office doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence if you're looking to relocate. Kow-towing to religious fundamentalists who want to dictate what is or isn't science (stem cells, climate change, social science, etc.) will also be sure to keep innovators at bay. Having zoning laws and transportation policies that favor vast tracts of cookie-cutter houses isolated behind gated entrances rather than high density and accessible neighborhoods where people can work, live, and intermingle will also keep young people away.

But hey, keep gutting the educational system, infrastructure, and government services that attract and retain the best and brightest so that Anthem and Summerlin residents can save a few bucks in property taxes. But if you like the desert climate and want a low tax, free market economy, I've heard there are some wonderful business opportunities in Somalia.

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