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Aug. 29, 2010

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Oh yes right - gotta pack my bags and head to that retirement mecca - with spectacular scenery and awesome weather - Iowa... no no - maybe North Dakota... <good grief> I hope no one here hires the likes of this finanial advisory firm...

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Roger and Lela are a by-product of the American Dream... Implicit in the American Dream is that you live by your own wits without your fellow taxpayer taking responsibility for your weaknesses, bad luck or poor decisions. There are winners and loosers... America didn't become great by the winners propping the loosers... ya get what ya earn - no more and no less - regardless of whether your luck is good or bad.

It has been interesting watching the tea party movement - this is precisely what they offer the voter (although they don't want the rest of the country to know where or how they plan to cut the 1 trillion in federal spending.)

(Suggest removal) 9/26/10 at 9:29 a.m.

Why are new owners being hit with these costs? The original homeowner who defaulted on their obligations should be responsible for all arrears and interest. That is who the collection agency should be going after... seize bank accounts, seize cars, garnish wages and file lawsuits against the original owners. This notion that people can just walk away from their obligations leaving new owners (investors or owner occupiers) with past bills is just ridiculous. How about a good old dose of financial accountability?

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Fascinating.. I am Canadian and I do enjoy reading the commentary from Americans on the challenges facing Las Vegas - I do love your city (not for the strip but for the beauty of Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and Valley of Fire State Park to name a few places) ... we do however, have a different view up in the cold north.

For those of you doing well - smug in the knowledge that you have, at the very least, what you deserve, what is the obligation by successful Americans to those who just don't get it right in life...the bottom 10% as it were.... is it the view of the majority that you should let them rot??? We can't all be high fliers....

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