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May 28, 2009

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There were no rentals available when we moved here 5 years ago. I have no idea how many are available right now . . . I only know that we could only rent our home for a lot less than what our house payment is . . . and our housing allowance will go way down when we move to our new location.

I don't know what military personnel do if they cannot afford to buy. (I think it's easier to get into base housing if you are enlisted, and we are commissioned.) Wife and kids live with Mom and Dad, while husband stays in the dorms or rents a room, I suppose. We've had friends that have had to do that. We have also done that while waiting for base housing to open up--never for over a year though.

The military does not help you find anything, nor do they care if you can't.

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I'm frustrated that most people commenting on this thread are so critical and apparently naive about how things work in the military. I'm saddened that there is no sympathy for the people who are defending your freedoms to even post a comment on a board like this. Words like "irresponsible" and "no one put a gun to your head", etc. are callous and rude.

No, no one put a gun to our head, but 5 years ago when we were assigned to Nellis AFB the waiting list for base housing was over a year long and there were almost ZERO houses for rent in the city. What do you do in that case? If you tell the Air Force "Sorry, we can't move right now because we can't find a place to live . . ." then you get booted out of the military. We tried to avoid our reassignment here, but were repeatedly told no. We were told that officers MUST move every three years, and our three years at our current base was up.

So we bought a home here, because there was no other choice. However, the military decided NOT to move us after three years this time, and so here we are in the middle of a housing crisis, stuck with a house worth 1/2 of what we paid for it, and orders to move somewhere else next month.

If we rent our home we will get only about 1/2 of what our mortgage payment is because of the current housing market, plus we would not have enough money to even pay rent at another house because of BAH goes way down at the base we have been reassigned to. The waiting list for base housing where we are going is also over a year long.

If we do a short sale, we'll have to pay taxes that will amount to about $60,000.

We can't foreclose, or the military boots us out.

I can see that most of the people here have no sympathy, but what would you suggest we do?

We would prefer to stay put until the market rebounds at least a little bit, but we do not have that choice. We go where the military sends us . . . even if it IS to somewhere where people "put guns at our head."

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