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Sept. 11, 2009

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Do we have recruiting updates on Stephen Nixon and James Poole from Cimmaron, Dante Warren from Western, Desean Martin from Bonanza, Chris Henderson from Centennial, Tim Gulley from Gorman, Deshae Edwards and Zach Monticelli from Legacy, and Julio Mora from Durango? I know there are some that I'm forgetting as well. We had a record number sign in vegas this year and there are still at least another 10 studs that have yet to sign! Let's get those LOI signed fellas! We should end up with almost 40 signing before it's all said and done!

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I know there are only 2 RB spots on this list, but couldn't you have at least made it like a Power-I or Wing-T formation? Demarco Murray NEEDS to be on this list! I know his #'s weren't what Jones and White had, but the kid was an All-American! Jones just straight disappeared after he graduated! P.S. does anybody know what happened to D'Angelo Jones after he graduated? I heard big talk while he was playing the he was going to be a M.S. Spartan, but never heard anything about what he ultimately decided to do after graduation.

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hahaHAA! Silver, you are seriously the man.

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They were actually more senior heavy last year than they were in '07 or this year. '07 they had 24, '08 they had 28 and they only have 20 this season. But their underclassmen are what amaze me. There's only going to be success as far as the eye can see for this program. good luck to both teams tomorrow night. It should be very exciting.

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better than the skin-tight Del Sol jersey. haha!

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