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Jan. 31, 2012

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@ Gary Lind Thanks for making my point. So why do we have the government involved in armed robbery? Because people fear the government. Get over your fear Gary because that is really the only tool armed robbers have to force you in to compliance with their crime. Also work to elect Ron Paul and do away with the criminals. We should not have them and they only exist because non of the other people in congress have the courage to get rid of them.

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Income Taxing in the U.S. is a voluntary act. It can not be a forced or taking tax because that would make the government a criminal and since we are the government we can't all be criminals. No law or amendment to the Constitution can make taking property by force an innocent event. It is criminal no matter who does the taking. If tax collectors carry guns then it is assumed they are going to take the so called "tax" by force. In the law that is called armed robbery. On top of all that a tip is a gift and even the tax code lays the burden of a tax on a gift to the giver. The recipient of the gift is never taxed. I never give a tip. I only give birthday gifts to people who wait my table. I don't care if I am late or early with the gift. Vote for Ron Paul who wants us all to pay zero income tax. The only honest income tax.

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