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Jan. 14, 2010

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First off, I travel almost every week for business, and am fortunate enough to squeeze in many vacations per year (usually around 12 trips to vegas per year).... not nearly as frequent anymore however due to the dull changes Vegas has undergone.

I used to travel to Vegas with family, alone for business, and with colleagues for business. In all of these situations the Vegas of 5-10 years ago always would surpass my greatest expectations and that of my family and the large majority of my colleagues.

The Vegas of that time was simply mind boggling fun. If offered something for everyone: Great themed and fun resorts for families or simply those that enjoyed that (I am in this category), the gambling / drinking / partying debauchery was still there for those looking for that (of course I am included here as well), fabulous dining, shopping, the list goes on and on.

The changes that have taken place are without a better word: disgusting. Las Vegas has become a much duller place in every sense of the word. I certainly will not be taking my discretionary income to Vegas nearly as often since if I wanted to see standard everyday blah blah type city building structures I could drive 15 minutes to my own city's business district.

The casino atmosphere's are horrificly boring and all the same anymore except for slight variation in the simplistic modern type so-called designs of twisted shapes and unimaginative lighting.

Walking into a casino anymore is like walking into a .......... well, I'm not even sure what it's like but it is very boring and dull. Even the casino employees seem bored out of their minds. In the Themed Vegas of even 5 to 10 years ago, the atmosphere was exremely fun and exciting.... for both families and wild party loving money spending business guys like myself and most associates I travel with.

Anyway, this has been a long post and I'm sure you know where I am going with this. This new Vegas gets two huge THUMBS DOWN for me in every way imaginable. Not even a fraction of the fun/excitement of the themed years Vegas offered. The new billion dollar City Center project also is an extreme bore. Sure it is a nice building, but nothing that you wouldn't see in NY, Seattle, Atlanta, or most other large city business districts. Borrrrrrrring. That's why people used to come to Vegas in droves... to escape the bore of everyday life for something different and exciting. I am very upset and bummed out with the Las Vegas changes and really look forward to the day Las Vegas comes alive again with the themes, fun, etc.... and finally figures out a way to get a hold on the horrific crime rate that has skyrocketed upwards since the theme hotels have been pushed aside and this stupid brainless dirty adult theme has taken over.

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