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Feb. 3, 2012

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pmmart: If we don't have any real collateral backing the paper money, future generations will be paying the price with their labor, higher taxes, and low wages while staples continue to rise, food banks are no more, and safety nets are gone. But we'll have the police state to "protect" us.

Your question about what the dollar is worth in pennies is: way less than China's yen. Where will you be when they (China) come to collect?

Are you afraid of a truly free market in which when one engages in risky dealings (e.g. the banks),someone else(like me or you perhaps) gets to capitalize from it?

Time to get real. Time for Ron Paul.

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While Mormons may feel that the Constitution was devinely inspired, I don't think that is Ron Paul's position, if he even feels that way at all. I have never heard Ron Paul ever say anything that singled any group out. He's very much about personal freedom and personal responsibility, no matter what one's religion, race, ect.

Mitt Romney is so wishy washy on so many issues and wants to spend trillions on the military expandsion. He doesn't know if he's pro-life or pro-choice. He is incapable of relating to the middle class and the poor. He was involved in a Medicare scandal in the nineties that involved millions in dollars.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, has never waned on an issue just to get votes. He has integrity and has served his country. He wants to build our defense here at home and end the unconstitutional wars. He has a real plan to help the economy as he feels a weak economy is a threat to national security. He is pro-life. He is a true fiscal conservative and he doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve.

If Mormons vote for Dr. Paul, it'll most likely be because they are smart.

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