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February 20, 2017

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Sept. 20, 2008

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We know that Congress was attacked by the Bush-Cheney regime with the Anthrax to force passage of the unconstitutional "Patriot" Act (a disgusting name for a sick bill). The way the Anthrax was weaponized indicates it was produced for the CIA by the Battle Labs. So, Dr. Bruce Ivins had nothing to do with it. But it is absurd to think that National Academy of Sciences will do anything different than the 9/11 Commission or the Warren Commission, that is rubber stamp an official lie.

9/11 was an Inside Job. We know this for many reasons, the most outstanding of which is of course: World Trade Center Building 7 (Watch this building fall on YouTube). Almost 500 architects & engineers certify that this building, which housed the CIA in New York, was, like the twin towers, brought down in a controlled demolition on 9/11:

Learn the Truth about 9/11. Watch "Loose Change", "Fabled Enemies", "ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11" or "9/11 Press for Truth" on Google Video.

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