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Brett Okamoto
Oct. 6, 2008

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Stokerdafire: please see the 5:50 mark of the video I've posted of the conversation with Dana.

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Haha, while I appreciate your support of octagon girl stories the WEC is growing with the UFC and they do have the best lighter-weight fighters in the world. Some of the best fights of the year were WEC fights in my opinion. I'd urge you to watch the January 10 card in Sacramento and see if you're still not a fan.

(Suggest removal) 12/24/09 at 9:24 a.m.

I disagree with you that it's a ridiculous statement. There's no question that Hatton's fan base is larger, but Bisping is not THAT far behind.

Bisping was named the 2008 "Fighter of the Year" (above Hatton) by one of the most popular men's magazines in the country, "Nuts."

He was also VOTED "Britain's Coolest Man" by readers of another popular men's publication, "Zoo" magazine. Hatton was 13th on that list.

The editor of that magazine, Ben Todd, was quoted saying, "The result reveals the growing influence that UFC is having on young men in Britain - with the sport now seriously rivaling boxing in the popularity stakes."

Trust me, after seeing Hatton's fans at the Pacquiao fight I know how popular he is. But Bisping is on his way. Thanks for the comment.

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on fighters, so don't worry about sounding too hard on anyone.

This story chose to focus on the fact that Gina Carano is doing things in MMA that no female before her has done. You may scrutinize her success because of some of the help she's received, but no one can argue the simple point she is a pioneer for women's MMA.

As for the weight issue, it is covered in depth by the link provided on the side of the story under Sun Archives. It's a previous blog we linked to on Yahoo! that went into Gina's issues with making 140 pounds.

It doesn't feel like weight issues are the story for this fight though. The focus now is the history these two athletes are making and that is what this publication chose to write about.

Thank you for reading and for your comment.

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Thank you for pointing out the mistake on Diego's debut. It has been changed to show he did lose three of his first five and not three of his first four.

In regards to your initial statement, I do understand that the fight is to build Diego. As you'll see mentioned in the story, Diego is favored to win and the UFC has informed him he will be the No. 1 contender in the lightweight division with a win over Guida. We actually have a full story on Diego as well, talking about his opportunity for a belt if he gets by Guida located on our fighting homepage.

The point of this story came from talking to Guida himself. He hopes that since Diego is so close to a title shot, if he's able to defeat him Saturday it will be a big step in his own career. But it would appear to you (and I would agree with you) he'll have to do a little more for a title shot even if he beats Diego.

Thanks again for the comment.

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