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Jan. 11, 2008

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Clinton is fundamentally dishonest. At her core, she is a power-obsessed sociopath. Nevada Dems, you're idiots

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Obama is by far the best Democratic candidate. Clinton has too much baggage. Billary *raised* middle class taxes in 1993. Hillary, as First Lady, stole her political enemies' FBI files, for information to use against them.
Obama brings an honest sense of Hope to America. Obama doesn't try to base his policies on the very latest and greatest opinion polls, as Billary does.

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Bill Clinton's second term was stymied by Bill Clinton's moral problems, illegal activities, and anger-proned attitude. Bill and Hillary are the personification of divisiveness. We need fresh, real leadership, the kind that Obama has exhibited.

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Please, good people of Nevada, send a clear message to the divisiveness of Billary. Vote for an honorable, hard-working man who will really help the poor and help the Country: Obama.

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Clinton walking through this neighborhood is another act of desperation. She probably should have cried again. Obama comes to NV on Friday and will rock the place, lifting people's spirits and inspiring them to vote. You're right, efranklin, the Clintons are phone, fake, people who are criminally-obsessed with their own power.

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