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Marlene Rogoff
Feb. 6, 2011

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I will not comment here on Senator Ensign private problems, but we should not forget his courageous voting record. He bucked his own party, and voted TWICE against the shameful bailout of trillions of taxpayer dollars for the big banks and wall street, who in return have continued to foreclose on record numbers of homes, and tighten lending.
In my mind, these acts of elected officials are far more shameful and far more hurtful. How about recently extending Bush tax cuts to the wealthy for 2 more years, while they try now to trim the budget on the backs of the poor, seniors and disabled. This is real evil, and they are all still in office about to do more harm. Leave Senator Ensign alone and his family, as he goes back to private life. His voting record is honorable and nobody is mentioning that.

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Maybe if the dems hadn't buckled under to extend the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans for two more years, they might have a BARGAINING CHIP HERE. Trillions of $$$ were given away a few months ago on this lame brain extension of Bush era largesse. Now the Republicans are crying (Boehner real tears) that America can't afford programs for seniors and disabled. Here's another Republican platform, that's going on State by State right now. They want to ban abortion, but they don't want to pay for the unwanted babies of single mothers. WOW. What planet are they on.
Marlene Rogoff, Former Candidate for Mayor of Las Vegas

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The ant colony takes care of it's wounded soldier ants and it's sick ants. Are we lower than an ant colony on the evolutionary scale. These moves hurt the most vulnerable in our society, senior and disabled citizens. These moves are really hypocritical after giving 2 more years of tax cuts to the wealthy, allowing large corporatons to pay zero taxes, and giving billions of $$$ of subsidies each year to the Big Oil Companies. How come the government can afford all that, but can't afford to take care of and respect it's senior citizens. Marlene Rogoff, former Candidate for Mayor of Las Vegas

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So, after giving away billions of $$$ in the extension of tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans for 2 more years, let's now balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society. Most large corporations pay zero taxes, oil and gas industry get billions in subsidies. But let's take it all from the poor and disabled.
Marlene Rogoff, former Candidate for Mayor for Las Vegas.

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Hi, Just for the record, the website is and also
The reason the website did not come up, was there needs to be a dot after www.
The reason I ran was for issues, and the fact that I was the only candidate with specific plans to turn the city around. The voters have spoken, the press and most TV have only covered certain candidates, and I will be involved with the issues and the solutions for a long time to come.
Your friend and fellow Las Vegan, Marlene

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