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Aug. 5, 2010

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LasVeagas9 I agree with you. Steve Wynn is one of the best resort operators in the business when it comes to fabulous service and hospitality. However, I think he has all his future plans of expansion in Macau. So sad!

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3. All of your economic problems have nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats!! Both have been in power and both have screwed up!!! What has hurt America is GREED! From the banks offering mortgages to people that should have never qualified for them in 1st place to the people who leveraged themselves into living a lifestyle they couldnt afford in the 1st place! These are the problems that has gotten Nevada where it is today!!!

4. Im sick of reading the Anti-Obama rhetoric on here! Im not a supporter of either party! However, Obama didnt get you into these problems. Ultimately its up to each individual person to make economic decisions on their own, many American citizens made some bad choices which have led to these problems.

I love Las Vegas and I love the great hospitality I receive from all the Las Vegans working at the hotels and casinos, see you all in 2 months!! May god bless and good luck!

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I feel the need to make a few comments in regards to this article but more about the other commentators on this article. First off all, I am from Toronto, Canada and I visit your fabulous city twice a year religiously.

1.As I said, I visit twice a year. I stay at either Harrah's, Imperial Palace, MGM Grand or the Luxor. I am a gambler, I play poker, video poker and blackjack. I dont play high limits but I play everyday and for hours at a time. Where I stay depends on how low of a rate I can get or comped based on my play. I always hear cries on this site how Harrah's and MGM are ruining Vegas by offering tight machines, 6-5 black jack etc. Well its a bunch of bull! My win-loss ratio on video-poker is the same as it has been for the last 10 years Ive been coming to Vegas. As for the 6-5 blackjack tables, as an experienced gambler I choose not to play on them. I still love Vegas and so does the rest of the world that has ever visited it!!! I would come more often but I agree with many here that Vegas has become extremely expensive! Im not looking for the $1.99 all-you-can-eat buffet that some of you reminisce about the old Vegas. What I would like to see is just normally priced products. Why is it so hard to find a quality meal on the strip for 2 including a couple of drinks for $40 or $50. Why is it that when I go to the cocktail lounge of these hotels, drinks are $12 or $13, what is wrong with $5-$7. I can guarantee you that myself and many others would come more often if this was the case.

2. As a tourist I could care less whether the FB and Echelon site is empty, I never go beyond Encore when I visit Vegas because quite frankly the Sahara, Riviera and Circus Circus are dumps and should be demolished. I would never go to them even if the Echelon and FB hotels were complete. I would go to the FB and Echelon but not the one's mentioned above because they are gross. So stop crying about empty lots distracting tourists and discouraging tourism, we don't care, what we do care about is staying at a decent hotel in a good location on the strip!


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