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April 25, 2008

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Their comes a time when Americans need to do a Patriotic act and that act should be to shun the Magazine for not just one issue but for several months and when the quarterly profits reflect that then and only then will they want to be a Patriot Corporation.
After what I seen happen to Paula Deen These same companies should do ten fold to the Rolling Stones. And when other company exec's see this then in the future they could be a little more compassionate to the law abiding citizens who have become victims of these acts of violence.

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If only J. Edgar Hoover would have had this database!

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GMO Soybeans

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Our founding Fathers created a constitution that could evolve with the times of our time. Had our constitution not changed over the years we would still have slavery and the women not be able to vote. What's taken place is exactly what our founding fathers created DEMOCRACY! And Term limits are defined as ELECTIONS You and a few others what to eliminate anyone who could defeat you with some kind of REGULATION so you could get an edge. If a person is re-elected they Have apparently been doing the will of the people or they wouldn't have retained their job, It's not that they have bought their Office because we still have one person one vote.

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Right to the KISSER!

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