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Oct. 22, 2008

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I have to agree with geezelouise...the district is too top heavy. We have area superintendents and associate superintendents, who each have secretaries and those secretaries have assistants and so on...
As far as the state budget goes, I think the Governor needs to set an example by taking a pay cut. If all state, county and city employees take a small cut, no one should lose their job and the state would save a lot of money.

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I am a CCSD support staff employee (10 years)and I have a comment regarding this comment.
"The trade-off for the raises is jobs," Gansert said. "If we had cut that 4 percent, schools wouldn't have to cut 3.5 percent now."

I would have certainly waived my 4% if it meant keeping people from being laid off, but did anyone ask me??? NO!
Why weren't we asked about this? And, another way to save money is to cut the higher ups salaries. Does the superintendent really need to make more than the president of the US? We are already short of teachers and you want to take more away??
Believe me, there are plenty of other ways to cut the budget without people losing their jobs!

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