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Feb. 28, 2010

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I am so sorry Marie and the rest of the Osmond clan. I cannot begin to understand the loss. And, Nick, how callous and idiotic of you? What in the world does being Mormon have to do with anything at all? What judgement and hate are you talking about? Michael suffered from depression. If you are referring to Marie's daughter who is a lesbian, true followers of the Church of Jesus Christ are accepting of all people, no matter the religion, sexual preference, etc. We have different views of behaviors than some, but behavior has nothing to do loving a person for who they are. Marie was very supportive of her lesbian daughter, as are all the Osmonds and true Mormons. Its not our place to judge what goes on in someone's private life and lest you go on about prop 8- just because the Church was for it, it only means we did not want a church sacrament (marriage) defined by the government. Separation of church and state, get it? If another church said for its members, it was all right to marry same sex, the church would not have any argument. The Mormon church did have a big problem with the gov't dictating what constituted a marriage for any church. they have no problem with civil unions and allowing gays all the rights everyone else has. The media just sensationalized and misrepresented the whole thing to draw attention to the proposal and to demonize the LDS faith.

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