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February 24, 2017

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March 14, 2013

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Summit View was in the beginning run by a for profit company until the "residents" had an uprising and DPS, Metro and NLV Police had to retake the facility. It was run well as a state agency and should be again. Several "for" profit companies run facilities in Clark and NYE county. Most run ok, but a few are disasters with dangerous consequences and law suits waiting.
Dealing with Juvenile Offenders take a certain mind set and the first law suit for an assault or violation of rights will leave the state vulnerable to action and payout as is what happened last time. For profit companies pay minimal wages, use untrained and questionable people and policies.
You can pay for it now or pay for it later but eventually someone will have to pay for the mistakes and the private company can declare bankruptcy and leave the state on the hook.

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