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Nov. 16, 2010

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Aviation is an important part of U.S. history!! As the wife of a Captain In the U.S. Navy(former Naval Aviator) and a Southwest Airlines Captain, I am astounded at some of your comments, especially those coming from a former Naval officer!!!

The men and women of our armed services deserve our support, whether serving over seas or celebrating aviation here at home!!!

Refrences to the cost of fuel for this event or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan do little to express support for our our soldiers!! Airshows offer people a chance to get up close to the planes, ask the pilots and flight crews questions and yes maybe even inspire and ecourage boys and girls to believe in their dreams!!!!!!!

I am proud of all our men and women serving our country at home and around the world!! I am humbled by their courage and thankful for their selfless acts of honor and bravery that keep America free!!

A big thank you to Nellis Air Force base for putting on a spectacular show!!

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