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July 19, 2011

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Incremental steps read Animal Farm

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This comment shows stupidity: This goes to show that Republicans are against lawsuits unless it promotes there agenda.

Reality is socialist communist thinkers think only there ideas and ways are acceptable are correcty. And everyone else is stupid or hypocrite. But in the words of a great american: I have come to an opinion that those who speak being tolerance prove to be the most intolerant.

The lawsuit is to stand up and say Hey you can't do this. Otherwise let unchallenged they'd continue to take your rights. But being a good comrad as you are as long its for the good of the prolatarian, right comrad.

My step mother votes democrat her whole life 10 years ago in a conversation I called her a SOCIALIST to her face. Her response was SO, whats wrong with that. CPUSA on the website states we believe in Socialist Economic System. Its the vehicle for communism

(Suggest removal) 7/19/11 at 5:48 a.m.

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