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Aug. 6, 2009

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In defence of the HOA;
I won't buy a house without a good HOA in place.
My prefence for a home is a well maintained home and front yard. No RVs in the streets and driveways or jammed up agianst the neighbors property and no vehicles up on jacks in the driveways or on the street.
If you like living in a subdivision were habitants like having their garage door open with thier stereo blasting, their kid's playing in the doughboy pool in the front yard, dog barking, and hollering a conversation with a neighbor three houses away, you'll find plenty of them around. buy there and be happy.
There are subdivisions that have the controls I perfer. Drive through one of them and decide which one has more appeal to you. Then make your choice and be happy with your lot.

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Thanks to those commentators who have done some research before popping off with euphemistic ideas. yes, we need to protect our environment. I'm tired of hearing "they were here first" from some of these groups (unless your a wild horse advocate then it's "well, there here now so we should take care of them"). Our eco-management must include the needs of the fast growing human race and their future. Environmental restictions must not become so large as to the exclusion of other needs. Much study has been done prior to the BrightSource approval by the Gov't.including environmental studies submitted by concerned groups and agencies. By the way,two friends of mine have gone the route of making their homes energy self sustaining (as I hope to accomplish some day as I can afford it). Their cost so far has averaged $30,000. Do you really think that the gov't can subsidize you with that much? or would it be more economical to build a large power center. Some simple numbers for you to work with. Go into any store selling solar cells. the average price is about $300 for a unit that puts out 40 watts, enough to run a 40 watt light bulb, do the math. Or, why is it more economical to build apartments that house more residents on less land space than single family homes? There is always a special interest group complaining about some thing with out informing the public about the advantages or cost of the alternatives. Put a wind turbine in your back yard? Go stand next to one and see if you can handle it.But if these special interest groups force you.You can always join the group in upscale Palm Springs. their objection to the wind farm there is that it's "eye pollution".

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YOUR MISSING REALITY why is the movement growing?
1-my son had a 4.0 average but was denied any college help.
2-my niece (1/2 black)has a 3.1 average and gained enough $ help to get her all the way through college.
3-I was in D.C.and watched blacks get pushed through the contractors license training because the gov't was giving them preferential treatment.
since they didn't know what they were doing yet, they had to hire experienced contractors to do the work.
Their common cry is "They do work nobody else wants".
Read the want-ads---"front desk, must be bilingual"---contractor must be bilingual--Insurance, must be bilingual---data process, must be bilingual. A friend answered one of these adds just to be funny.He said "I speak English and French". --The girl answered and said "That's not what bilingual means". Yes,they've even changed the meaning of the word. As a bitter friend of mine said. " Iv'e got 1800hrs and an Aeronautical degree and I can't make mainline pilot because I'm a white male"
During this time of hard to get jobs your going to see more and more become racist who are being stepped over because of race.
P.S. A quote from my immigrant grand father.--"If you want to get ahead in the United States you must learn to speak English"

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this is Presidents Day, I wish you were all with me at the Reagan library in Simi Valley. If you read what made Reaganomics work was simple. The government was facing the largest deposit of its time. Instead of raising the peoples taxes and giving it away to "create jobs" and Bailouts, He cut our taxes by 10% across the board. this opened up business to more manufacturing and job creation. this in turn brought in more tax money to solve the deposit.

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I just got back from working in Israel for the Christian embassy. I was amazed at the number of guns toted by people. Yes those in the military have to keep one with them 24/7, but even bag boys and anyone who wants to can carry. It's strange getting on a bus and seeing a boy and a girl holding hands, one with a M-16 and the other with a side-arm.
Yes, they are prepared for war. But also, the crime rate in Israel is next to zip.

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