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February 23, 2017

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Eva Armstrong
May 15, 2009

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Ok, when will the courts realize that Dr. Desai and his "legal team" is clearly dragging this thing out hoping it will just go away, or everybody will just 4get about the lawsuit. And how is it if he's screaming he's broke can he afford the $1 million dollar bail??? WOW talk about playing the courts like they r fools. Let's get this trial over with. 2 different juries have found the drug companies liable for the medications. Now let's get his trial underway so we can all sleep better knowing that this monster is permanently behind bars.

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OK Now I can say im pissed off. I am one of the patients sueing desai. i tested negative to having hep c thank god but still this is just another tactic he and his attorneys have cooked up to stall the courts. he's a thief and a cheat and doesnt care about his patients one bit. i do hope the courts see him for what he really is, nothing but a money hungry man that let greed get the best of him.

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I do not beleive that the police were at fault for this death. If the idiot family members would have made sure that the victim was doing his court ordered drug rehab program this would not have happened. This just goes to show how people reach out to the police for help then blame them when a loved one dies cause they were being stupid, and then blame the officers. I hope the police department is exhonerated from this death and the department sues the family for putting their officers in harms way.
That would stop the frivolous lawsuits.

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I say let the planes fly and if one crashes due to mechanical failure then we know who to blame.

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Once again as the old saying goes money talks and bull pucky walks. I was wondering why Vacation Village went out of business. I used to go by there all the time on my way to work. Then next thing I knew was it was closed and Town Center Mall was in its place. SHAME ON MCCARRAN AIRPORT FOR COSTING SOMEONE THEIR LIVELYHOOD AND HOME

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