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Dec. 2, 2008

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Here are the real facts. Senators really are not responsible for the States economic policy's, they are from. That is right, they are not. Nevada's poor economy has more to do with the Governors office who wields lots of state power, the state legislators, and Clark County Board of Supervisors in that order. I think any reasonable person knows the reason, failure to diversify the economy, inadequate tax base, NO education system, and on and on.. What are Senators responsible for?? Bringing home their share of federal dollars to the states they are from. One only need to take a look around you at all the new freeways, Bridges, Military installations Federal buildings to see that Harry Reid is doing his job. His other job is to make sure Nevada has a equal vote with other states on policy decisions. That is where people may have a legitimate beef. Blaming Nevada's poor economy on Reid??? Its a red herring.

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bigs Go back to California Your nothing but a whiner and no nothing about Nevada. I resent when people like you get on these boards and fill it full of BS . Nevada has virtually NO taxes compared to California, and up into last election was a solid red state. Have another cold one, and go whine somewhere else.

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You must either be from another state, or a alcoholic. Anyone that has lived in Nevada knows it has been run by republicans. here is a quiz for you, when was the last Democratic governor. yes you are another example of a person so blinded by partisanship, you couldn't un-lock a door if a Democrat told gave the directions.

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The private sector just does education better, no doubt about it. Vouchers are a real solution. Another ideal, SELL UNLV to a private university fund, or better yet encourage through land grants and loans PRIVATE Universities. School vouchers again, a great ideal. Finally eliminate the unions where possible.

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Teamster, Rory Reid talks about saving the state, yet he has done more to damage the state through FAT union contracts then anyone in Nevada s history. Whats odd is that firefighters do not support him. I for one cant wait to Brian is in and guts these unions starting with the firefighters union.

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