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Nov. 16, 2009

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For the person who said that servers are the laziest creatures on the planet. I dare you to follow me around my restaurant for an entire shift. I guarantee you couldnt keep up with me. As far as my drug addiction, sorry, never used a drug in my life.

For the person who cons restaurants out of free food and wine. You are nothing more than a common thief. Next time, have a little honor, get a gun and stick up the place. Either way, youre sinning against God. Have fun sleeping with that conscience. As for me, Ill sleep well, because I dont work hard. And all the alcohol and drugs should put me into a nice coma.

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the culinary union does not employ illegal aliens. the hotels do the hiring. so lets see how the union gets the blame for illegal aliens.

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to wdm. how does the union personally suck you dry? btw unions did build the city, the mob sent all the money back to st louis, chicago and milwaukee. The workers here in Vegas built the homes, the neighborhoods, the churches, the COMMUNITY. All of you union haters should go back and study your history. The birth of organized labor go hand in hand with the birth of suburbs and the birth of the middle class. Until then, there were 2 classes, rich and poor. After organized labor started protecting workers rights, these employees could buy homes and not live in slumlord dwellings. So i know its easy to bash unions and Obama. because hes obviously to blame for the market collapse we are currently experiencing. And im sure the unions were in charge of giving out all the sub prime loans, that crushed the real estate in this country.

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You dont need a sherriffs card to work in food and beverage. Unless you want to pay 10 dollars for a tomato, or 30 dollars for a hamburger we better learn to live with illegal aliens. and if you tell me those are jobs taken away from Americans. I laugh at that. No one with papers is going to pick strawberries for next to nothing. This country would fold without undocumented workers. So while it seems easy to just say get out, be careful what you ask for.

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How is it the unions fault that they hit the water table? Doesnt that lie strictly on the engineers and architects of the job. Just to remind some of you above. The laborers are told where to dig, so they dig. It is not their job to determine where the water table is. They did the job. The higher ups failed. But of course its easier to blame the working man.

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