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May 29, 2009

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"Medical personnel told police that the boy might have a broken nose, a skull fracture and other serious injuries ... initially charged with felony child abuse before pleading guilty to the reduced charge of child endangerment"

There's something so wrong with our legal system. The guy broke his infant son's nose, fractured his skull, along with other serious injuries, and they let him plead down so he MIGHT get 1 year in jail. You're right paulramos831 - the punishment doesn't quite fit the crime. Stealing tires/beating babies ... hmm which one should be connected to the more severe sentence?

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dicequay, the fact that it happens at ALL should be an eye-opener to single mothers! It doesn't matter if it's 1% or 20% .. a parent should be very careful who they leave their children with. Period!

This man abused his infant son and most likely was abusing this little girl and her mother all along. This kind of rage doesn't come out of nowhere. The difference is the mother could get out, the little girl was helpless and the mom left her there to fend for herself.

No doubt there's much more to this story than the obvious, but bottom line is the mother put her baby in the hands of a violent man and he killed her.

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dicequay, so a mother is not responsible for making sure that the person she leaves her child with is safe?

Yes, the boyfriend is the one who actually killed the child, but the mother chose to put the child in the care of this man. And judging from his history she probably knew she was putting her child in danger. She probably hoped he wouldn't hurt her, but he did. The mother made a poor, selfish, negligent choice and she should have to pay the consequences at least for that.

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Whyamihere - Are you ignorant or just trying to get a rise? How many times do we need to hear about a boyfriend killing a baby before women begin to wise up and start protecting their children??

And even if this woman didn't know about his record (which would indicate that she REALLY knew nothing about him), I'm sure she saw some agression and abuse with how he treated her or others that might tip her off to the fact that maybe she shouldn't leave her baby with him.

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"Court records indicate Geddings has also been arrested in connection with the abuse and neglect of his own son. During that trial, Geddings admitted to having a temper. He admitted to having moments of rage, during which he broke a glass window and hit walls"

The mother was completely negligent leaving her baby with this man! She knew his background and decided what she wanted to go off and do was more important than her baby's safety. God only knows what else he was doing to this little one. Poor little thing is probably better off now. Hope this mother doesn't make any more babies - she needs to share the punishment for this.

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