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February 22, 2017

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Jan. 6, 2008

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Hello AshleyAshley. According to Metro, "This is the 86th traffic-related fatality in LVMPD's jurisdiction for 2012."

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That was supposed to be Wednesday's highs and lows, not Saturday's. It's now corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I re-checked the audio and that's what he said.

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Thanks for the comments. No, this isn't really an investigative story, such as the Sun's Marshall Allen's series on hospital care in Las Vegas. As JR says, we consider this more of a service to help our readers plan their day. Often, if the weather is changing significantly -- with a thunderstorm or with the threat of extreme heat -- we'll update these types of stories throughout the day.

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Dodgerchuck, I just checked and it looks good, but it will be a little gusty.
The weather service is saying Boulder City's temperature is 69 degrees now, with south winds gusting to 17 mph and a heat index, thanks to the humidity, of 75 degrees.
Today's high in Boulder City will be 74 degrees, probably between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., with SW winds picking up this afternoon to 20 mph and gusting to 26 mph.
Skies are going to be partly sunny today.

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