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May 9, 2008

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Mr Hamilton - government workers pay taxes too in case you haven't noticed. Unions aren't killing jobs, it greedy businessmen who only care about profits in their pockets - they are not investing in American jobs as republicans claim - they are increasing their net worth and letting the country go down the tubes. I think you opinion that union workers are lazy is typical right wing propaganda. When union density was higher in the private sector too, the country was economically much stronger than now that all you businessmen have been busting unions for 40 years.

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Remember government workers are taxpayers too.

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Clark County workers have taken cuts, they have not had a COLA since the 1% COLA in 2009, they gave up 2% in wages in 2010 and have been understaffed for many years. With hard hiring freezes and layoff those left working for Clark County are expected to their work and the work of unfilled positions for less pay.
Clark County management is trying to milk the recession to bust the union and take away those benefits they have agreed to in bargaining over the years - they want to set the clock back to the 70s for benefits. Clark Co sees this recession as an opportunity to stop providing a fair days wage for more than a fair days work with its employees. Something that can never be recovered when the economy turns around and yet expect to maintain all the services like defending abused children and elderly, keeping the three airports operational so tourists can come and spend their money here, keeping our roads operational, providing court services, keeping the parks and recreational centers running, and many other services expected by the citizens of Clark Co.
Clark County workers are proud to provide these services to the community, but expect to be treated with respect by management and be given fair pay and benefits.

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During this recession, hundreds of Clark Co rank and file workers have been laid off and hundreds of rank and file positions have not be filled. But few if any management positions have been laid off, tell me does it take the same number of managers, directors to management a workforce depleted by hundreds of workers? Why is management not being hit in these cuts like rank and file workers? Cronyism at its best in Clark County - hit the little guys but leave the good ole boys and girls at the top untouched.

No one from Clark County management wants to mention that these "ungrateful union workers" have worked hard to find about 35 million dollars in funding for UMC that Clark County and UMC could not obtain on there own. Yet they want to cut cut cut during a recession that will end within a few years, but the cuts will affect these workers and future County workers forever.

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Unions fight for workers, people who say unions stink probably are the people who think workers should be serfs. All workers should belong to unions so that the corporate greed mongers whose income has gone up 300 percent over the last 10 years while the corporate stooges in government have cut their taxes expect workers to do the jobs of three for half the pay and no benefits. Unions are needed now more than ever.

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