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Jan. 12, 2008

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Perhaps it is time for Taylor Marsh to make a financial disclosure. We all know, however, that she will not. We all know that Hillary has blogger surrogates all over the Internet. How many of you know that top Hillary advisor Kelly Craighead helped set up Media Matters?

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CAVEAT: I am not a part of anyone's campaign, have received no money from anyone's campaign, and am no one's surrogate.

It is a shame that Hillary has failed to make full disclosure. On Feb. 21, a trial date will be set in Los Angeles for the Paul v Clinton civil case. That case is going to finally reveal a massive campaign finance fraud and coverup that Hillary's pals in the press have not wanted to know. She will be under oath before the election. The FEC ruled in Dec. 2005 that her campaign filed three false reports and failed to declare $721,000. She filed a fourth false amended report in Jan. 2006. We have compelling evidence that a US attorney withheld critical video evidence of her involvement in the illegal solicitation of a hard money, in-kind contribution of over a million dollars. Here is the trailer for the documentary film that exposes the fraud. The Republicans know all this info and have held back on using it until she gets the nomination.

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The Nevada State Education Association, some of whose top leaders have individually endorsed Clinton, filed the suit and is using a law firm with close ties to the onetime front-runner, Kummer, Kaempfer, Bonner, Renshaw, and Ferrario. Former congressmen James H. Bilbray (D-Nev.), a lawyer at that firm, has endorsed Clinton and is stumping for her in the Silver State.

The state party quickly dismissed the lawsuit. Going back to last spring, every presidential campaign was involved in setting up the unusual casino caucus sites while state party officials and the Democratic National Committee ironed out the details. "This is a fair, legal and proper way to choose delegates under established law and legal precedent that has been reviewed by attorneys....The time for comment or complaint has passed," the party said in a statement.

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I get email from Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. Here is the very short press release from Obama HQ in Nevada:

"We believe as a party, and a country, we should be looking for ways to include working men and women in the electoral process, not disenfranchise them." David Cohen, Nevada State Director.

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This is typical Hillary. All she cares about is power. Gee, I can hardly wait to see the dirt her "research" team has on Barack and John. They will use it at just the right time. Whether it is John or Barack, this nation is not going to heal until the Bush/Clinton cabal is gone. We need someone fresh.

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