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Sept. 13, 2009

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I never thought he was a good pick to start.You need to be able to maintain a class before you can maintain a whole school. I was told that my child was going to have to be taken out because of a learning disability and that is Leaving a Child Behind. I think that there is something to be said about a person that calls themself a Principal and you don't even want kids with disadvantages in your school be it mental or physical. This should be looked into before this school has a bigger problem than just not having a nurse. There is an injustice going on and the children are the ones that are suffering. He is not the "GOD" that the new parents think he is. If he only got in one month and the other Principals got in one whole year there is a problem with him. Ms. Williams (Vicki) is not much better. In my opinion they both should be gone. The kids education should be more important than these people that are playing tug-a-war with there education. It's Just Wrong. These kids deserve much better.

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