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Dec. 1, 2009

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more work for whore lawyers and judges who could not make it as lawyers///the scum of our society////////if u buy coffee at mcd and spill hot coffee on yourself ,it is your fault//no way say the lawyers//we can sue//u make money and i do//////we must eliminate the whores from trying to make money all the time//////we have become a nation of greed and injustice and the whore lawyers are leading the charge

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vegas is really hurting///////your chances on winning on slot machines must be 98% against you./////we were better off when the mob ran things ///then at least u had a chance at winning//// the corporations are the legalized mob//////////they do not pay a decent wage other than to a few//// the guys at the top are so greedy that if they make 20 million they are not happy for they want 40 million/////////vegas needs to clean house and give people a chance to win at times

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ensign is a pig/////// resign ensign

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