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Aug. 11, 2011

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UNLV plays six home football games a year. Obviously, that is not enough to justify building this stadium. However, all of the other events that will be held there bring tourism and generate the revenue needed for this to be a viable project. The NFR, UFC, concerts, College bowl games, possible NFL preseason, soccer, etc... are the reasons to build the stadium. UNLV football is just a beneficiary.

Another reason I do not understand is how people cannot see all of the jobs this stadium and improving the surrounding neighborhood will create. Much of the housing around UNLV needs to be demolished and rebuilt and if this is a means to accomplish some of that, then I'm all for it.

If a tax district is created for the project... so what? At least taxpayers will be receiving something for their tax dollars. Unlike the majority of spending right now that goes to debt and wasteful government spending this stadium will be something tangible for the people of Las Vegas. Some sort of return for the taxpayers, even if you don't enjoy sports other events will be held there as well.

Also, I haven't mentioned the benefit for UNLV. Improvements in the football team mean more money for the UNLV and less of UNLV's budget will go to athletics and more to research and education. That is the ultimate goal. Make more money for the school, and this is a way to help achieve that goal.

So, bringing in bigger events, creating jobs and providing additional revenues and support for the university are reasons why to support this stadium.

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There needs to be more done than just not raising interest rates. The bankruptcy code needs to be amended to allow the discharge of student loans. This would solve several problems. Back when Obama was in school one could discharge student loans in bankruptcy.

#1. It would provide actual relief to individuals unable to pay their debts which is what bankruptcy's purpose.

#2. Much like housing loans lenders would be forced to evaluate the risk of individuals instead of just loaning out large amounts of student loans.

#3. If there were less loans being given out schools would be forced to reduce tuition to an amount that students could actual pay.

So, I would argue that amending the bankruptcy code would provide relief for students now and in the long term reduce the price of college.

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How much taxpayer money has been spent on a dog that killed a one year child? Dogs are not people, they are chattel.

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What a horrible system. There is a bigger incentive to do poorly than to do well. If a school doesn't do well then it gets more money and resources the next year. How holding people accountable for not doing their jobs instead of a star rating system?

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How much has metro had to pay in settlements to families over the past year? Maybe metro should stop killing people and their wouldn't be a budget deficit.

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