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Dec. 29, 2010

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Very Fascinating Journalism! My Thanks go out to the Firefighters who have had to endure a lifetime of these tragic memories.I would also like to thank them for helping make my stay feel a heckuva lot safer when I visit Vegas every few Months. The whole World should thank you for your efforts to make sprinklers a requirement.I have stayed at Bally's twice and it is an eerie feeling to me, especially being in a Hotel Room knowing quite possibly someone had perished there. I always take a moment of silence to somehow let them know they have not been forgotten either. Honestly can hardly stand to stay there for a very long period. I can only imagine how hard it is for the Firefighters to have to relive this But I am Glad you guys did this for us....This part of history needed to be told. I was 18 when this happened and have really only in the last few years come to understand what a tragedy this was on the Day in November.Having had Carbon Monoxide poisoning at the age of 12 I only pray that ALL of the victims did not have to suffer very long..It is a silent killer. Thanks again to the Brave Men wearing that Uniform!

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Las Vegas is a wonderful city and deserves to be in the top 10! Yes the economic downturn has created havoc in a town that soon will be booming again. These last few years will be a tiny bump in the road a few years from now when everything will start growing again.I just watched a video from 1988 of the strip on youtube and was awe stricken at how much it had changed in just 20 years.How quickly we forget how desolate it was.

Las Vegas has become an amazing city where people from around the world flock to visit. I hardly think Lincoln Nebraska can lay claim to that. I am a Californian who has lived in Southern Nevada as well and look forward to My next visit in October.

A few of the things that make it unique and stand out to me as a visitor and should also stand out as a Resident.
Red Rock Canyon.Hiking trails and Mountain biking in a unique colorful setting no other city can boast.

Clark County Government Center Ampitheater, Go enjoy a free Concert and take the Family,Make it a family picnic and meet new people. So much fun!

Where else can you have such a diverse array of International Cuisine in such an entertaining environment as the strip..... Lincoln Nebraska, Maybe McDonalds drive thru at 2a.m.

A short drive and you can find yourself immersed in fresh air with so many outdoor activities to be found year round.... Lincoln Nebraska,Freezing to minus teens or more in the winter.

Bottom line is enjoy your City, get out and see something new and be proud of it. Stop complaining and support what you have, rebuild it, Clean it up or....Move to Lincoln Nebraska if You really think You have it so bad!

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Like every town, Vegas has its issues with crime and shady people but it does not stop this Proud Californian from visisting several times a year, I love helping build New resorts and creating jobs there, If I had stayed home who would have paid for City Center? All kidding aside to me the annoying thing there is the people on the strip passing out Erotic massage pamphlets. How can that be stopped?

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