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Diana Gruber
April 3, 2011

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All that nonsense about using the wrong venue is just a smoke screen. There is no right venue for fighting HOA corruption. These creeps have infiltrated EVERYTHING. They are experts at using the legal system to terrorize you. In my case, I paid the fine and then went public with my story, and I'm getting SUED for exercising my first amendment right to speak out against an injustice. That's the way these creeps work. They use the system to bully you into silence. Whether it's crooked cops, prosecutors, judges, ombudsmen, arbitrators, mediators, it doesn't matter where you go. They have connections everywhere, and they will get you, and then you are CAUGHT and TRAPPED in a nightmare that never ends. My story is here:

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Jonathan Abbinett - It is not that difficult to find an home in Las Vegas with no HOA. Just look for an older home. There are some very nice ones in stable, older neighborhoods. Buying a home without an HOA will save you a lot of money and aggravation.

You can forget about buying a newer home without an HOA, though. I don't think they exist. The HOA industry has gamed the system so now all new developments must have an HOA. What a neat trick they played on us, didn't they? How did they do that? Let's talk about it in a future discussion...

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The problem with HOA's is the inevitable corruption. They always start out with clean books and helpful volunteers, and within a few years they are being run by power-hungry little tyrants with their fingers in the cookie jar. These small-minded despots have learned there is easy money in fining homeowners for trivial or made-up problems. Finding people like that to run your HOA is easy. It's getting rid of them later that is hard. Such people are supported by a system that is so corrupt, it is virtually impossible for a homeowner to fight back on any level. If you get fined for something ridiculous or imaginary, don't expect to find justice through any of the established channels. The courts, the Real Estate Division, the Ombudsman, lawyers, mediators and politicians will not help you. All that will happen is you will get tangled up in the system, and you will pay and pay and pay.

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Absolutely all HOA meetings should be open! These people need to be held accountable for their actions. We have seen so much abuse and corruption in the HOA industry. Open meetings won't solve all the problems, but they will certainly help.

Why should we give these sociopaths and crooks the right to have secret meetings? That's our money they are messing with! Let's open the window and let the sunlight shine in, and then watch all the cockroaches scurrying for the corners.

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Senator Copening sold her integrity for small change. She is an embarrassment to women in politics. The HOA industry has permeated government and the legal system at all levels. It's revolting how many people have sold their principles for a cushy HOA job.

It can't keep going indefinitely. Pretty soon there are going to be too many senators, judges, R-J columnists, friends, relatives and lawyers on the payroll. It's not a bottomless cup. Your greed will be your downfall. Watch and see...

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