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Aug. 3, 2008

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Soccer would be a huge venue draw if they could get international teams from Europe,South America and Mexico. With our new international airport terminal and money they would bring-huge.

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Heretic has some good points,GoBruins has nothing of importance to say as usual. Enjoy listening to Mike Pritchart on radio,too bad he has to endure covering this team-seems to be more knowledgeable than coaching staff put together. These are Hauk's recruits and he did bring in better talent than Sanford. But it is hard to believe,whether you liked Sanford's offensive system or not-they were better coached during games than Hauck's team. Wonder if this team,even with all its returning players will even win 5 games next season,which is where Sanford was in season 4. Only thing we have to look forward to is if new stadium will be built(that is not to say Silverbowl is excuse for lousy program)but new stadium would definatley help for next head football coach to recruit,got to hope economy here will get better for benefit of all aspects of UNLV,not just atheletics.

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Seems like media keeping this last game under the radar. Would be real embarasing if rebels lost this game-although it seems like with focus on basketball,this won't be covered much. Looks like establishment has accepted that Hauck will be back for next year,have nothing personal against him but just thought this team could have won 4 to 5 games at least. Hopefully they will come back strong next year and will be able to attract recruits despite lack of wins over last 3 years. Guess focus will be on new stadium possibility in next few months (will be for several venues not just football to those detractors)

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Been supportive on earlier posts about Hauck,but we all were waiting to see how last 4 games of season would go against conference bottom feeders-result is that Hauck is in over his head. Seems like he has been able to recruit some decent talent to this team,but his game management is pathetic. How can you recruit after a third year of 2 win seasons-and I don't think he will win next year with a more experienced team. Obviously,inheriting a winning team at Montana at the FCS level does not prepare you at Div. 1 level. Shame is that there are talented players on this team when you look at skill positions on offense-but play calling is terrible,team doesn't even hustle when behind in forth quarter and defense can't stop any offense on 3rd and ten! No excuse for this loss and to CSU-Snow!? CSU recruits from California too! If you keep Hauck,the fan's rants and behavior will be real nasty next year,will be too painfull to keep this guy around.

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Yeah,guess I am unaware how the athletic dept. works, not good at organizing those million dollar fundraisers either,will let these other experts do that. Not that good at evaluating athletic directors either. Need to let these L.A homers run the show.

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