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Jan. 6, 2011

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Couple of things, I really believe the starting lineup neeeds to be addressed. We were clearly a better basketball team early in the season when Anthony Marshall was starting. We were moving the ball better, playing better defense, quicker to the ball, all the intangibles. I believe Marshall is probably our best player on offense, and is very difficult to defend. He also is a very good passer, and will find guys open (remember the Kansas State game). Willis is improving, but I believe he's still not totally the player he was last year, and he's forcing shots and were suffering as a team.

In the last few games, when we substituted in Marshall, Hawkins and Lopez, we clearly played better and were energized. We were 10 points up last nite when those guys were on the floor, and as soon as the starters came back in we started losing momentum. In the second half last nite, same story. the starters started off slow, then marshall and hawkins come in and things start to turn around for the better.

Also, Derek and Chase are very similar players, and I don't know the value of having both of them in the starting lineup especially when Chase isn't shooting the ball efffectively.

Lastly, I have never liked the rotating centers. We used to do that with two centers, now we have 3 of them being rotated in an out. Very hard for any of them to get into a flow and get some consistency. Quintrell just doesn't seem to have it and I would concentrate on Massamba and Lopez and have them share the position.

Must give credit to Fredette though. He's an assassin on the court. Thanks Willis for stirring the pot and getting him pissed !!! He certainly didn't need any more motivation.

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