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February 27, 2017

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Brian Howard
Dec. 9, 2010

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On Oct 20 last year, I did two things Obama and Dirty Harry would disapprove of: I bought another gun, then went and voted for Romney. Guess what??? I took and passed a background check at the gun show, and it was registered with Metro before delivery- Stop complaining that no one is getting background checks at shows and start worrying how many are changing hands in alleys at midnight in North Vegas.

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Nick, if you read the entire story you would see that it was your friendly senator and representative that pushed for this tax, not the Governor. Maybe if the Police would cut back on all the out of court settlements due to civil rights violations, they would have plenty of money to operate???

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I find myself wishing that this "Downtown Project" would take a break from buying up every available plot of land with their big dreams and deep pockets until they show they can actually complete one and deliver on the big promises they spread. So far, the only thing really happening is dozens of tenants of older hotels/motels are losing their places to live, and employees of current businesses are losing their jobs. Don't get me wrong- I hope they are serious about these projects, but so far all we have is talk with very little action.

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I also was on that block briefly last Friday and it was NOT a happy, comfortable atmosphere- At least half in attendance were sporting gang member attitude, sucking down beers by the 40, and strutting around like they were just hoping for a fight to happen. Most were drinking alcohol brought from home so don't think they were helping the local businesses. Also, the 5 or 6 visible Metro officers would have been no deterrent had it hit the fan when 500 drunks let loose.

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I find it amusing that Obama CLAIMS to support people getting an education, but slams Romney on his drive to further our educations at any cost, even if it means borrowing from our parents- scoffing him and saying "Get real, Mitt". Blatant hypocracy from our liar in chief.

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