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Jan. 11, 2010

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This the age old argument that we always hear from Republicans that everything should be privatized. Lets open up charter schools everywhere and give everybody a vocher to send their kids to pay for their school. What happens when the vocher doesn't pay the cost of the school year? That means you will have to get your wallet out.

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The reason congress has such a hard time passing any meaningful legislation is because the Republican party or Tea party has moved so far to the right that we as Democrats cannot except their terms. Everytime a budget deficit comes up the Repblicans want some thing in return to pay the governments bills. These bills that are due are appropriated ahead of time by both parties and when it comes time to pay they don't want to pay for them thus holding us for ransom. Then cry that we need to cut spending. If they don't want to pay the bill then why did they vote to appropriate the money in the first place?

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There is a lot more to our financial woes than just blaming public sector jobs that have pushed us to the breaking point. 99% of this leads back to George W Bush and Chaney's running the country into the ditch. I'm sure conservatives aren't smart enough to see through the forest to see the trees.

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In responce to your article to the right its always about lowering taxes and cutting jobs for the working guy. Your battle cry is the over paid public worker that makes millions of dollars. Teacher have to like what they do because it can't be for the money. Also we never hear the right say that some bisiness is making to much money or anybody saying some ceo gets paid to much. Because public employees make a living wage to live on doesn't make it outrageous. Also you have a pension that you paid into over years and is paid out to over time after retirement. You are obviously complaining because you don't have a pension that you paid into and are jealous. Also your complaint you made about the post office is wrong. The reason the post office has money problems is because they have to pay in 75 years of pension in ten years which is killing it. I'm sure that's alright with you as you like to destroy all government and public employees.
Public employee jobs are created because they are needed to perform services like teachers, police and fire fighter who run into burning buildings. Maybe you should try it and tell us how much its worth. If the jobs should only be created in the private sector then the owner would make the most of the profit and be the middle man. If public employees make a decent wage then he will inturn buy things and help the economy for the worker and wealth for the businessman as well. If all wages are cut for all union and public emplyees than they have considerable less to spend. Eisenhower fixed the economy by passing a massive tranportation bill building highways and schools that inturn created jobs that help the economy so don't tell me that our fiscal disaster can't be helped can't be helped by people having a decent paying job. I also don't see any of these public emplyees getting filthy rich.
Also you comment that of course the housing market was going to fail was also wrong. We all knew the housing market was at some point was going to go down but it crashed because of the greedy banksters loaning money to people who couldn't afford their loans. Everybody wants to blame the buyer but if the banksters weren't giving all these risky loans we never would of experienced the bubble but I'm sure you would say there are risks to everything. That's the American Dream in a capitalist world.

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I don't hear anybody complaining about the rise in cost of health care. Its OK for everything else to go up in price except our houses and watch corporations stock pile money. We are also watching company's outsourcing our jobs. All of this is OK or is it that all the people on the right just don't want to talk about that part of the equation? Or is that you don't think you can do anything about it? We all had choices in life to work for somebody, own our own businesses or in this case be a public employee and belong to a union. So since we need money the working guy needs to pony up and don't even think of asking the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

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