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Dec. 24, 2009

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Horrible hire for UNLV..... what a dog and pony show for the other three coaches though. I feel bad that they were never really considered. now since one of rices factors as a hire was/is his BG ties.... if he doesnt get shabbaz and the other two he wont last 3 yrs here..... i would love to see this work but until i see who he gets as assts and his first recruiting class i will stick to saying its a BAD HIRE

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wow youndrebelfan.... cut copy and paste without knowing anything is your motto. NEVADA if the first school for higher education in NV. it started as Nevada then went to UNR and now is back at its roots....NEVADA. since your such a NSU fan and wont do a simple search before you write anything. lol a troll just reads and doesnt post, as for my illiteracy... id put my IQ up against yours any day, and hick....i prefer redneck.... sadly to say Nevada hoops has a short history of being good, Football have preformed at a higher level than UNLV. so your all back to being IDIOTS

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ummmmm its not unr its U of NEVADA...... LOL yes the unlv teams of the last few years were better but thats gonna end with rices hire. your gonna be slumming it! yes I was a rebel fan till they ran Tark off... but since now your only b*&%ch is that im a trolling NEVADA fan.... guess my points proven. my top 5 is what the experts at ESPN put in theyre top 10, nowhere is there theus or rice........ aim low and what do ya get REBELS~

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for those who dont like my list I really just set you up ! LOL i found the list on espn that was put together by theyre experts in a 1-10 list....... i just put the 5 i liked from it. IDIOTS in rebel land go WOLFPACK~

(Suggest removal) 4/6/11 at 10:27 p.m.

shaka smarts 2009 record was 27-10 with a CBI championship so i guess 2 outstanding years of HEAD coaching experience is as valuable as david rices career asst coaching? Idiot isnt the best word for ya thats for sure. yes he did sign but we didnt express any interest before hand. as for Bennett his numbers are very similiar to Krugers at unlv.... so i guess we aim lower than our previous coach???? IDIOTS lol mark few.... i guess he wouldnt want to play in a better conference???? maybe recruit better??? ohhhh we cant do it here because were Tarks UNLV???? the ncaa is way past it so you should be too... Bruce Pearl would be perfect cause he's another TARK!

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