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Oct. 14, 2008

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Ray and Case,
Tell me what you think of this concept:
I don't know what the fiscal drawbacks are of it, but I think the playoff format in Division 1 needs to be changed. It's ridiculous that one region has to play one less playoff game than the other two every year (in this year's case, it's the Sunrise). I think they just need to put together a 24 team, single-elimination bracket. There's nothing wrong with an earned bye week. If anything, it'll make the fight for a high seed worth even more. Let them earn their week off from the playoffs, don't just give it to them. It would make for 23 total playoff games, just as the current format does, but I think it would be more fair to everyone (especially the kids; having to play one less playoff game this year doesn't make up for the kids last year that lost in last year's "extra" playoff game), as well as much more competitive. Thoughts anyone???

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