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February 24, 2017

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Nov. 12, 2011

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Having worked in the back of the house at some strip properties I am aware that all employees are made aware when the health department is coming to inspect the food prep and food warehouse facilities...7-10 days in advance! By the time the health inspector shows, accompanied by the food and beverage director, it is a pro-forma inspection. This advance notice is not shared with other smaller establishments, or farm to table affairs apparently. It still continues to this day.

At the old Dunes it rained hard one day and water came into the bakery from the loading dock. 3-4 inches of black, dirty, water with oily substances off the pavement. The bakery continued to bake at the direction of management while the bakers pulled up their pant legs to avoid contact with the filth that floated in on top of the rainwater. I called the health department to lodge a request for an immediate inspection, described the conditions under which baked goods were being prepared for the gourmet rooms and identified myself as an employee. Their first question? "What is your name?" No concern about conditions there, just a name to share with management.

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