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Feb. 23, 2009

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As the wife of a, brand-new, middle school math teacher, I laughed out loud when I heard this statement in the governors speech!

I thought about the $1500 we have "donated" to his new classroom in pencils, paper, toner cartridges and hundreds of candy-bars (for incentives) in the previous six months and was sure he would NOT be receiving any of that back from these "gift" certificates.

I thought about the six years while he went back to school to get a phd in education so he could teach math and was angry that in one statement the governor could place my husband into the category of a charity case!

I used my MBA to realize that when the governor stated that this program wouldn't cost the state of Nevada one red cent to administer that he really had no sense of the cost of business. I am almost positive someone who works for the State of Nevada was paid some salary to set up the trust fund on paper and then someone who gets paid by the state collects a salary to provide accounting for that 261 we have collected so far.

Lastly I wonder how the accounting will be free when my husband gets that one red cent added to his poverty wage paycheck before June 30 when his salary may actually be lowered by 4.6 percent reduction?

I can't wait for the general election - maybe the governor could set up cost-free booths at the polls for the people of Nevada to donate to those 30000 teachers paychecks.....this may actually get him a vote or two.

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I feel really terrible for the kids of that private school. Most parents just want their kids to have a better life than they did. And they were lucky enough to be able to pay to have kids in classes of 15! Can you image a student who is used to the attention that comes from 15 to 1 ratio learning in a 45 to 1 ratio with no textbooks?

This will hurt Nevada. If those parents could afford 40K in room and board, they can probably afford to send their kids to parochial schools in Utah or California.

Little by little, the economy gets worse.

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Thank you Dr. Pravica! I really hope you don't take your wisdom and grant monies to another state. Nevada's brain drain in the next three years is the recipe for that third world existence of the people who will be left here to serve the chinese / japanese /arabic whales who will still have huge wealth available to come here and gamble.

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It is surely refreshing to read all the sides of this critical discussion. I am glad so many care.

I am a native Las Vegan, completed my undergraduate work at UNLV working full-time, paid for my own online nationally accredited MBA. After 17 years in MIS with a private company, I left to raise a child. When I went back to work I chose my alma mater. I took a 25% cut in pay at the top of the bubble to work in the education sector I was raised on.

My husband left 25 in computer science to go back to school at UNLV to teach. He is now a middle school math teacher at an at-risk school teaching children that, for so many reasons, are still struggling with basic math concepts.

My son is now attending the first of its kind Montessori Charter school in Henderson. He is getting a world-class education. Even though the charter school was approved it DID NOT ANY, previously anticipated, startup funds from the state. The directors and parents raised thousands of dollars to get the door open by the first day of school.

So where does this full disclosure go? This "is education important?" question is a critical. However, when you have to cut a 1M from 6M. You have to make hard choices.

You have to ask, whether you let prisoners out early? We have to ask, 'Should someone's grandpa and grandma continue to get state aid for diapers, dentures, and dialysis (sp?)?

We have to ask 'Do we fund the educations of our smallest, most vulnerable when their minds are the most ready to receive knowledge - 4 yrs (preschool) or wait until 7 yrs (first grade)?

Do we fund higher education to give ALL young adult equal opportunity to outstanding educations past high school so that they can be even more productive additions to our growing populations?

Whatever the hard choices are - they point of this article is not to share this question with you. But for you to get on the phone, email, snail-mail or attend the last interim finance committee meetings tomorrow to make you voice known!

It is a safe and convenient place to post your thoughts online. But do as I did the last two weeks, write to every legislature in your district, every congress-person state and federal, write to the president of the united states if it feels right. Heck if your downright bored, write to your governor! This is a government of the people, by the people and you bet these people believe THEIR state funded educations were important in their lives.

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If the old prison is too costly to maintain, we could have prisoners build their own new prison. If the area is big enough, they could live in the old one while working on the new one next door? The new prison could be built to green standards, the prisoners could learn a skill, local community designers would have new work, and local security positions would not be lost. Lemonade out of lemons.

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