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Jan. 27, 2008

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Today is January 24th 2008
A black day in American History
Something died today
Not not the solders in Iraq
Freedom of speech
our Constitution
Something even more precious then all these things
What died today in America was...


The hope that we Americans would be delivered from the evil cabal that has hijacked America.
The evil cabal that planned these Middle East wars.
The evil cabal that planned 911.
That hope is dead now. Dennis Kucinch is out of the 2008 Presidential race
He has been terminated
Without a bloody shot being fired
NBC Universal successively terminated
his presidential campaign by keeping him
out of sight and out of mind during the
Crucial Nevada Democratic presidential debate
Today was a victory for war profiteer General Electric Corporation and it's subsidiaries NBC universal. Today was a victory for Media Mogul Jeffrey Zucker CEO of NBC

A defeat for Dennis Kucinch and the good people of this once great nation. By excluding Mr. Kucinch form the Nevada Democratic debate they have effectively sabotaged the election of 2008.
The end montage was created by davronru it's called "Divided States of Embarrassment 2.3" and can be found here:

(Suggest removal) 1/27/08 at 3:52 p.m.

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